Branch Office Connectivity & VPN Remote Access Solutions

VPN & Secure connectivity solutions for enterprise business applications in Nigeria.

Centralized business operations and processes with your ERP and enterprise systems through VPN, secure wireless connectivity solutions or leased line infrastructure across the country.
Are you a company with business operations, branches or subsidiaries at different physical locations across the Nigeria cities and states?
Whether your business unit is situated in the building few streets away or you have a branch located miles away in a different region of the country, we have the capacity and technology to bring your business together, centralizing your operations in one database, ERP or business applications.

Our cost effective connectivity solutions for business starts with customer engagement and detailed survey, planning to solutions deployment using business class equipment backed with excellent support.

With our branch connectivity solutions, you can be sure of efficiency and network reliability of 99.999% as documented in the SLA.
Branch office connectivity saves cost and increases productivity as each unit of your business are connected real-time.

Our range of branch connectivity solutions include backhauls, point to point and point to multipoint wireless links, digital leased circuit of up to E1 capacity, VSAT, VPN.

Your business can leverage on our expertise to achieve more, connecting your offices, warehouses, factories, store or showrooms over a highly available broadband connections that support data, voice and video applications.


Our branch connectivity and wireless solution can be deployed for the following applications

  • Corporate Private Networks
  • Metro Wi-Fi Networks
  • Regional Wireless ISP
  • Cellular, 3G and WiMAX Operators

Our Solutions

Wireless PTP & PMP Links

In wireless network deployments, High-data rates and Long-distance coverage are major considerations and they come with a great cost.
Solutions that offer the two at a very low budget in a licensed free technology require a wealth of experience and careful planning right from the link budget to equipment selection and wireless infrastructure deployment.


With our deep skills and expertise in deploying point to point as well as point to multipoint wireless radio installations using LOS and non line of sight techniques, we are confident in linking your office locations, factories, sales points within the metropolis under at a low budget yet with the link quality capable of supporting your business requirement for data and voice transmission and well as enterprise applications.

We have the capacity and geographical reach to offer wireless transmission link deployment, maintenance and support services for business and organizations anywhere in Nigeria

Digital Leased Line

With various trunk capacities to any part of Nigeria, we can connect your business with branches anywhere in Nigeria for seamless IP and data services through high capacity digital leased lines.

Our leased circuit service in Nigeria offers you the capacity to enable your centralized enterprise application communicate efficiently and capture input from business at the branches


Is your business flexible enough to allow employees to work from home or anywhere? or your business is an enterprise that need to link with another branch for IP services.

One key infrastructure to enhance productivity in today’s business is the ability for employees to conveniently work from home or anywhere through secure connection to the enterprise network for data and voice communication services.

Be it site to site VPN or remote access service for work from home staff or mobile workers, ensure your organization is ready with one major business productivity requirement of the 21st century company – remote access connection.

VSAT Satellite Connection

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