Hotel WiFi & Login Solutions

We are the leading hospitality industry Wi-Fi service provider in Nigeria. We provide complete business class Wi-Fi solutions for hotels & tourist facilities.

Hotel WiFi Hotspot Installation in Nigeria.

The guests in your hotel want the best WiFi high speed internet service with the most bandwidth they can get during their stay. This can only be made possible with a properly designed and secure Wi-Fi solution and installations that provide strong signal and WiFi coverage everywhere in your facility.

The WiFi internet solutions we offer to hotels in Nigeria do not only provide good Wi-FI signal strength in the rooms alone but everywhere within the facility where guests can hangout including the pool side, bar, restaurant, gym enabling them to stay connected wherever they go within your hotel premises.

Our hotel Wi-Fi service offers you extensive Wi-Fi coverage anywhere, inside or outside the room with good signal strength, backed with professional and unparalleled support service plan to ensure your guests do not ever need to complaint of weak signal.

The availability of WiFi Internet is a major consideration for customers when choosing hotel accommodation. Stop loosing guests to competitors with better hotel Wi-Fi service.

Whether you are offering free WiFi service to guests as a value added service or you are using to generate revenue, our hotel WiFI hotspot solution in Nigeria enables users to have internet access in their personal devices like Laptop, iPad, Smart etc.

Our installation is customized with a unique and branded login portal or splash page that adapts perfectly to every screen size with a theme professional designed to reflect your brand.

Options

  • Basic sign-in by accepting the terms and condition of your service before login
  • Social media login using Facebook, Twitter or Google account. You can connect your business directly to social media profiles.
  • Account voucher or ticket containing username/password with predefined time and data plan for each customer
  • Use room number or customer’s name as login
  • Email and phone number sign-in

Customization Options

  • Guests can be automatically redirected to your hotel website upon login
  • Guests can access your hotel website without signing in
  • Integrate your hotel website with the Wi-Fi login page
  • Automatically direct users to watch a video of your products
  • You can promote your products and services through adverts at intervals either on the login page or during browsing